Конспект внеклассного мероприятия «Интеллектуально-развлекательная игра «Lucky Strike» «Счастливый случай» (4 класс).

Автор: Данильян Эльза Гарниковна, учитель английского языка высшей квалификационной категории БОУ СОШ №35 ст. Новотитаровская Динской район Краснодарский край.

О себе: Педагогический стаж — 31 год, тьютор по подготовке учащихся к ЕГЭ, член экспертной группы при аттестационной комиссии министерства образования и науки Краснодарского края, участвующих в аттестации педагогических работников образовательных учреждений муниципального образования Динской район с 2011 года, член предметной подкомиссии в качестве эксперта ГИА -9.

Ход мероприятия.

Образовательная: расширение лингвистического кругозора учащихся.
Развивающие: развитие познавательной активности и умения применять полученные знания в новой коммуникативной ситуации; развитие интеллектуальных способностей; формирование мотивации к изучению английского языка.
Воспитательные: развитие интереса к культуре и традициям других народов, умения работать в команде.

(Звучит торжественная музыка. Появляется ведущий.)
Show-host: Good afternoon! I am glad to see you at our game «Lucky Strike». Three teams are going to compete now. So, let’s start! Meet the teams! (Звучит торжественная музыка.)

Show-host: Introduce your teams, please!
(Капитаны представляют свои команды: Our team is called Sunflowers… This is Masha. Etc.)

Show-host: And now I would like to introduce our jury. They will be the referees and keep the score.
(Ведущий представляет членов жюри.)

Show-host: Our first game is «Warming-up». Each team should answer my question in turn. Steady? Ready? Go!
How many letters are there in the English alphabet? (26 letters)
How many seasons are there in a year? (4 seasons)
Who is my father’s father? (My grandfather)
Who is my mother’s son? (My brother)
When do English people celebrate Christmas? (in December)
When do Russian people celebrate Christmas? (in January)
Where do you sleep?
When do the Americans celebrate Thanksgiving Day? ( in November)
What is a hot-dog? (a sandwich)
What is Coca-Cola? (a drink)
Where do we cook? (in the kitchen)
Where can we take a shower? (in the bathroom)

Show-host: All right, we can stop now. Dear jury? How many right answers has the first team got? And the second and the third one? (Жюри подводит итоги первого конкурса) .

Show-host: So, one point for the team … Jolly good! Hip-hip-hurray!
(Счет игры можно вести на доске. Под названием каждой команды можно прикреплять к доске цветные магниты или кружочки из цветной бумаги.)

Show-host: And now let’s have some rest. We are having a game. I am going to tell you what people usually have for breakfast. If you agree, you will say «So do I». If you don’t agree, you’ll say «Oh, never». Let’s start! (Проводится игра с болельщиками.)

Show-host: I have porridge for breakfast. I have sandwiches for breakfast. I have books for breakfast. I have milk for breakfast. I have pencils for breakfast. I have juice for breakfast. I have sausage for breakfast. I have cheese for breakfast. I have bags for breakfast. I have eggs for breakfast. I have boots for breakfast.

Show-host: Fine! And now we have the second game: It is called «Dark Horse». Our teams should guess a riddle. At first the teams try to do it. If they don’t guess the riddle, the fans can help their team to get a point. The teams should answer my question in turn.
Listen to the first question.
l) This character is a funny bear. He is fat but very nice. He likes honey and doesn’t like bees. He enjoys making up rhymes. He likes to visit his friends Rabbit and Piglet. (Winnie-the-Pooh)
(Если команда не угадала , ведущий обращается к болельщикам этой команды: «Dear fans! Your team needs help!» Болельщики помогают команде ответить па вопрос.)

2) This funny mouse is a character of the American cartoon. This mouse was created by Walt Disney. The mouse is very clever, but he always has a lot of problems with a cat. He has to make many tricks to run away from this cat (Jerry)

3) She is a very kind and nice girl. She has got a father but she hasn’t got a mother. Her stepmother and her stepsisters are angry and greedy: This girl has got a godmother, a fairy. The fairy gives her a beautiful dress and crystal shoes to go to the ball. But the girl loses one shoe. (Cinderella)

4) It is white, it is cold. You can ski on it. What is it? Snow

5) Clean, but not water. White, but not snow. Sweet, but not ice-cream. What is it? Sugar.

6) We have legs but cannot walk. Tables and chairs
Show-host: This game is over. Let’s ask our jury to tell us the score.
(Жюри объявляет счет этого гейма.)

Show-host: So, the team … is the leader. Our teams need some rest. Let’s sing a song together.
(Болельщики поют песню на английском языке.)
Выполняют зарядку.
Head and shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes,
Head and shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes,
And eyes, and ears, and mouth, and nose,
Head and shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes,

Show-host: It’s time to start the third game. It is called «A Pig In a Poke» (Кот в мешке).
There are some questions in this bag. They are rolled and I don’t know what questions each team will answer. The players should take a rolled paper from this bag, read the question and answer it. The fans can help their players. Please, choose a question.
(Ведущий держит в руках мешочек со свернутыми в рулон листками бумаги, на которых написаны вопросы. Члены команды по очереди берут из мешочка вопрос, зачитывают его вслух и отвечают на него. Болельщики могут оказывать помощь своей команде.)

— Who wrote the famous book about Winnie-the-Pooh? (Alan Milne)
— Who wrote the «Jungle Book»? (Rudyard Kipling)
— What was Mary Poppins — a nurse or a doctor? (a nurse)
— When do English children go to school — on the first of September or on the first Tuesday of September? (on the first Tuesday of September)
— Is Big Ben in London or in New York? (in London)
— Is the capital of the USA Washington or New York? (Washington)
— Is Thanksgiving Day an American or a British holiday? (an American holiday)
— Who comes and gives presents on New Year’s Day? Santa Claus
— Is St. Patrick’s Day an Irish or an American holiday? (an Irish holiday)
— How many stripes (полоски) are there on the American flag 13 or 15? (13 stripes)
— What colours has Russian flag? ( white, blue, red)
— What colours has Cuban flag? (blue, crimson(red) green. )

Show-host: Dear jury! Who is the winner of this game? (Жюри объявляет счет этого гейма и отмечает количество очков и обновляет информацию об общем счете игры на доске.)

Show-host: And now we have the fourth game. It is called «Home Task». The teams ask each other questions that they have prepared at home.
(Команды задают друг другу по 2 вопроса, которые они подготовили для игры дома.)

Show-host: I would like the jury to tell us the score of this game. The jury can give an additional point to the team whose questions were more interesting. (Жюри объявляет счет этого гейма и отмечает количество очков и обновляет информацию об общем счете игры на доске.)

Show-host: And now our teams can have some rest. And I would like to play with their fans. The more active fans can add a point to their team. Find «a rhyming twin» for each of these words. For example, I say «cat» and you can say «rat».
(Ведущий называет слова hare-bear , cow-now, bag-flag, nose-rose, fine-nine, toy-boy, run-fun, fox-box, day-grey, а болельщики называют слова, которые рифмуются с ними. Более активные болельщики могут добавить своей команде дополнительное очко.)

Show-host: All right, we can stop now. Attention, please. We have the last, the most important game now. It is called «The Race After the Leader». I’ll ask each team questions. The winner will be the team which can answer more questions correctly. You should give short answers. Steady? Ready? Go?

Questions: 1st team
l. When does Santa Claus come? (at Christmas)
2 What month has 28 days? (February)
3 What is cabbage a vegetable or fruit? (a vegetable)
4 What colour is the lemon? (yellow)
5 Who discovered America? (Columbus)
6 Do the English drink tea with milk or with lemon? (with milk)
7 What animals live in the forest? (tigers, lions…..)
8 What is the coldest season? (winter)
9 What are autumn months? (September, October, November)
10 What do you do in the morning? (wash my face, hands,…..)

2nd team
1. Is the parrot a bird or a plant? (a bird)
2. How many stars are there on the American flag? (50 stars)
3. What is the first letter of the English ABC? (A)
4. Is December a winter or a spring month? (a winter month)
5. Has the giraffe got a long neck? (Yes)
6. What colour is the fox? (Red)
7. Does the elephant eat bananas? (Yes)
8. What do you do in the evening? (do homework, watch TV….)
9. What is the hottest season? (summer)
10. What fruit do you like?

3rd team
1. Is Halloween in October or in November? (in October)
2. Do the English celebrate Father’s Day? (Yes)
3. Can we ski in summer? (No)
4. Can you play football in the swimming pool? (No)
5. Are the trees green in winter? (No)
6. Does the crocodile eat grass? (No)
7. What is the first spring month? (March)
8. What is the capital of England? (London)
9. What do you do on Sunday?
10. What colour are monkeys? (brown)

Show-host: Oh, I am terribly tired. It was really a difficult race, but it was wonderful. Let’s have some rest and listen to music. And our jury will count the points together.
(Звучит фонограмма какой-нибудь песни на английском языке. Жюри в это время определяет победителя последнего гейма и подсчитывает общее количество очков.)

Show-host: So, dear jury. We are looking forward to our final score.
(Жюри объявляет победителя последнего гейма и общий счет игры.)

Show-host: The winner of the game is …! Three cheers for the winner! Hip-hip-hurray!

Show-host: All teams have tried to do their best to win. You are really very clever and talented! I hope you will improve your English knowledge! Thank you!